A picture of an electronic reader displaying written translation from a foreign text.

What types of written translation do we offfer?

  • Official translation

    — Includes translation by an authorized translator and verification of factual data

  • Translation with stylish editing

    — Includes official translation, as well as additional styling and language editing

  • Dedicated Translation

    — Includes an official translation with a stylish version, as well as a terminological editing by a consultant

Types of Dedicated Translation

  •  Civic documents – diplomas, certificates, testimonials, appendices, declarations, recommendations, attestations, CVs and others;

  •  Technical specifications, features, operating instructions;

  •  Tender documentation – certificates of origin and quality;

  •  Legal – contracts, statutes, memoranda, notarial deeds, court decisions (divorce, adoption), protocols and others;

  •  Economic – Balances, Reports, Analyzes;

  •  Medical – medical diplomas, applications, academic references, certificates, curricula, certificates, scientific papers, epicriss, TEMP solutions, immunization passports etc.;

  •  Materials in PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, XLS, PPT, TXT, JPEG, TIFF, JPG and other file formats;

  •  Advertising – brochures, menus, annotations, advertising texts;

  •  Translation of websites – after negotiation;

  •  Personal correspondence;


Depending on how prevalent the language is, our prices are divided into 3 groups.


– English
– German
– French
– Italian
– Spanish
– Russian


– Serbian
– Romanian
– Greek
– Albanian
– Turkish
– Polish
– Czech language
– Dutch
– Portuguese
– Hungarian


– Arabic
– Chinese language
– Japanese
– Swedish


According to the time you want your translation to be ready, the orders are divided into 3 types:

  • Ordinary;

  • Fast;

  • Express;

What are the prices and what is the standard size for 1 translation page?

A translation page contains 1,800 characters (including spaces). A “translation page” is a translated text page. In this sense, the price of the transfer is determined precisely on the number of pages translated, not on the number of pages of the original.

Translations from and toI group languagesII group languagesIII group languages
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, RussianSerbian, Romanian, Greek, Albanian, Turkish, Polish, Czech, Dutch, Portuguese, HungarianArabic, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish
OrderTermNon-Specialized Texts
Ordinary4 working days12 lv.14 lv.25 lv.
Fast2 working days14 lv.16 lv.35 lv.
ExpressUp to 24 hours.22 lv.24 lv.Negotiable
OrderTermSpecialized Texts
(Economic, legal, medical, technical, etc.)
Ordinary5 working days13 lv.18 lv.35 lv.
Fast3 working days15 lv.25 лв.50 lv.
Express24 h23 lv.32 lv.Negotiable

See how it works - quickly and easily!

1. Accepting the order

- language specification
- specification of price and time
- specification of the requirements

2. Receiving the order

- by e-mail
- in printed form / legal, official translation /
-the electrical carrier
- for courier
- by mail

3. Time limits

- Slow translation
- Quick translation
- Express translation

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