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What kind of interpretation do we offer?

  • Simultaneous Interpretation

    — From а cabin at the moment of talking. It is done by a team of two translators.

  • Consecutive Тranslation

    — Waiting for negotiations and seminars. It is done by two translators, depending on the nature of the work.

  • Accompanying

    — Assistance on travel, business meetings, performing transactions with a notary or other situations that require knowledge of the environment and language.


Depending on how prevalent the language is, our prices are divided into 3 groups.


– English
– German
– French
– Italian
– Spanish
– Russian


– Serbian
– Romanian
– Greek
– Albanian
– Turkish
– Polish
– Czech language
– Dutch
– Portuguese
– Hungarian


– Arabic
– Chinese language
– Japanese
– Swedish


Interpreting services are pre-announced as follows:

  •  Simultaneous interpretation – 5 business days;

  •  Consecutive translation – 5 business days;

  •  International events and high-level events – 15 business days.

We will need:

When submitting an interpretation request we will ask you about:

  •  The form of the event;

  •  The topic of the event;

  •  Languages ​​from which to translate;

  •  The duration of the event;

We will take care of:

We will be fully prepared for your chosen event

  •  We will get all kind of helpful materials (programs, brochures, presentations);

  •  We will study the nature of the event;

  •  We will choose the most trained translators for this purpose;


We take into account the translation language, the complexity of the translation, and the duration of the event.

When ordering conference equipment, the transportation costs and the cost of food and overnight stays of the service team are calculated separately.

Take a look at our table, which will give you accurate and specific information on the cost of interpreting:

Type of interpretationI group languagesII group languagesIII group languages
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, RussianSerbian, Romanian, Greek, Albanian, Turkish, Polish, Czech, Dutch, Portuguese, HungarianArabic, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish
Simultaneous interpretation450 lv. per dayNegotiableNegotiable
Consecutive translation40 lv. per hourNegotiableNegotiable
Accompanying20 lv. per hourNegotiableNegotiable

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