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    To apply for an interpreter at the Intelekti Center, you must have the appropriate education / qualification, make a notary certification of the translator's diploma / certificate and transcript to submit to our translation center, as well as apply your resume.

    In Bulgaria, translation services are regulated and controlled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Sworn translator is a person who has acquired an education or qualification from the following:
    • college language education with success over 4.50

    • college education or post-graduate qualification for which a language test completed with a diploma or dissertation of more than 4.50

    • A high school diploma from a language school with a language success of 4.50

    • A diploma for any higher education holding a state language examination with a passing exam of 4.50

    • Internationally recognized certificate:
      - English - ESU 6,7, 8 & 9; Pitman – Higher Intermediate & Advanced; IELTS – 6,7,8 & 9] UCLES – CAE & CPE; UCLES RSA (CCSE) 3 & 4; OxfordHigher & Diploma; ARELS-Higher; Trinity 10,11 & 12; LCCI SEFIC-Intermediate & Advanced, and the US equivalent tests;
      - French - DALF - last level
      - Spanish - DELE SUPERIOR
      - German - ZMP of the Goethe Institute
      - For the other languages, internationally recognized C2 language certificates are accepted.