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Translations & Interpretations

Choose your professional translation or interpretation from and in 20 different languages, as well as legalization of your documents - specialized and non-specialized.


Cisco Networking academy

Develop new valuable skills and start building your IT career with Cisco Academy courses - IT Essentials, CCNA and CCNA Security, realized through web-based learning content, online materials, student tracking, instructor assistance and training.

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Choose between the services of our diligent and reliable interpreters or the quality and effectivness of our Cisco Academy courses.

What people share about us

We strive to give exceptional level quality of service to each and every one of the people we work with.

Елена Малчева

Elena Malcheva

Children's Centre

In my two-year period, my son was attending the school’s day care center at your center. At the same time we have also benefited from individual mathematics training. The results were a fact – the child raised their grades in school, and I was sure and relaxed about his training. He is now an 8th grade student and if necessary, we would still be kind to you for help.

Иван Бранимиров

Ivan Marinov

Computer Service

Whenever I have a problem with my computer or tablet, I call you first and I am never disappointed with your services. Very professional and quickly solve every problem. I had to carry my computer for cleaning and everything happened within the working day. Keep up the good work!

Марина Маринова

Marina Marinova

Professional Training

I have completed a course in Operational Accounting, which is very useful to me today. Thank you very much for everything and I would recommend you to anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and develop in this area of ​​work.

Розана Ауани – Cisco мрежова академия

Rozani Auani

Cisco Network Academy

If you want not only to take a certification exam but also to gain knowledge and practical experience – “Intelekti” is the right place. I am a Master of Engineering in computer systems and networks and in parallel with my education I spent several times, different Cisco courses at different professors. I have not been able to accumulate enough practical skills to help me develop my career as a network engineer.  After returning from abroad to my hometown of Veliko Tarnovo, I heard a lot of praise for the local academy and without hesitation I decided to sign up. Right from the beginning, I was impressed by their program, as it emphasized not only the theoretical knowledge but also practical skills. Students are faced with various practical tasks and problems in order to learn not only to optimally configure their devices but also to prevent and eliminate various “accidents” that occur in the network for one reason or another. Having earned my first Intelekti Certificate, I was called and accepted as a network engineer at Cisco TAC.


Anna Angelova

Languages and Professional Training

I am extremely pleased with my “Graphic Design” course in “Intelekti”, so without hesitation I have chosen them for my language training. The lecturers I had the pleasure of learning were smiling and motivated young people, with which the willingness of the students to increase many times. The groups are small and it’s great to pay attention to each person separately. The attitude towards the students is great, both by the teacher and by the administration. The distribution of the material is very good. Teaching is at a very high level. In addition, the activities were diverse and everyone was able to find what he really needed and fill his gaps. I feel much more confident and competent in using the language and I would once again trust the school if I wish to continue studying this or another language.

Диляна Попова

Dilyana Popova


I have used the translational services that Intelekti offers several times and I had been very pleased every time. They have even helped me with translations from specific languages like Chinese! Intelekti’ve been always responsive, meeting all the deadlines, and working on the set projects professionally and courtiously. I will be definitely using their services in the future and I should highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a professional partner.


Svetoslava Valkovska


I used the services for document translation of Intelekti. Everything was done on time and I was very happy with the result, thank you!


Yosif Dimitrov

Computer Service

For quite a while I had been having problems with my computer, and one day it didn’t even managed to turn on. I then spoke with a friend of mine which recommended me taking my computer to Intelekti for them to have a look. I brought it to them, explained my problem and left. After 2 days they called me and they said that I can come and take my computer – everything was fixed perfectly and the computer was running even smoother than before. They are real professionals. I highly recommended them to anybody.


Nina Manafova

Languages and IT

I’m really happy that I went with Intelekti! I had enrolled in an english and a spanish course, as well as an IT course – base level, and the money and the effort are all well-worth. I would definitely recommend you to anyone I know!


Plamen Yordanov


Teachers are experienced and know their work, and when I did not understand something, I was totally calm and encouraged to ask what I did not understand, and then I learned this particular thing even better! For 8 months I learned to speak fluently and precisely and even managed to get a Cambridge Advanced certificate C1.

Five people greeting themselves for a well-done work.


Enjoy the professionalism of our team as an interpretor and start contributing to our mission with your valuable skills and knowledge.